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Calli Private Kitchen Mexico

Polanco Taco Tour & Mezcal Tasting

Polanco Taco Tour & Mezcal Tasting

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The TacoTour & Mezcal Tasting is aimed at those travelers interested in having an anthropological approach to modern Mexican gastronomy.

Includes a visit to 2 taquerías our a private cooking studio

It is a unique experience, where we go through a visit to a popular taco shop, then a high-end taco shop to finish in and private studio where we will enjoy an artisan taco shop.

During this period of time, beer, tequila, mezcal, fresh waters, coffee and tea can be offered in a limited way.


21:00 - 21:10Meeting in CALLI with clients

At this point chefs gives full explanation of how the experience work.

21:10 - 21:15 Walking to Pop Taqueria

21:20 - 21:40

Beverages are offered and delivered

The experience is held on the street and eating standing

Explanation of suggestions and salsas is given to all clients

Ordering and Tasting


21:40 - 21:50 Walking High end Taquería

21:50 - 22:20

Once in the second taqueria we all sit in the terrace.

Beverages are offered and delivered.

The experience is held and eating sitting.

Explanation of suggestions and salsas is given to all clients

Ordering and Tasting


22:20 - 22:30  Walking


22:30 - 23:30 
Artisanal Taco & Mezcal tasting

Chef will offer a brief history about mexican heritage gastronomic culturales.

Chef will conduct mezcal tasting from its very primordial facts, not only historic but also tasting and technical facts, that will créate such a memorable and usefull experience.


  • Taquerías:
    2 or 3 tacos tasting per place, beer and softdrinks.

  • Studio:
    3 diferent mezcal tasting
    3 diferent taco tasting
    fresh water, coffee and fresh infusions.

Not include:


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For the return of the payment you must cancel 24 hours in advance

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When making the reservation, indicate if you have any allergies or food restrictions

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Customer Reviews

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Harry Miller
Incredible gastronomic tour

It was a totally incredible experience where I was able to try the different taco options from the lowest to the highest, the mezcal was the best, all of them very delicious.