Calli is an endemic cuisine resesrch platform motivated by my interests in bringing new flavors and ingredients to my gastrolab and my cuisine, but the most important, making this information available to the word.

When we started workng 5 years ago , until the pandemia started we would travel every two weeks in search of inspiration, ingredients, dishes, local flavors, livinig reaminings which are the elements that show us the way back to our roots and gastronomical heritage.

This roots are not only fruits and vegetables but the people that lead us to them and show us how to take them from nature and how to transform them.
Women and men that had been guarding this sacred heritage for milenia.

Our misión is to preserve and expand Mexicos gastronómical culture , this living wisdom and knowledge in danger of becoming extint.

We have the visión that by sharing this amazing knowledge and wisdom through our experiences and online channel people can realize the infinite cultural endowment we have in mexico and how important is to create identity so we can all help to preserve our legacy and heritage.