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Calli Private Kitchen Mexico

Cooking Experience & Agave Open Bar

Cooking Experience & Agave Open Bar

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Discover thousands of years of Mexican gastronomy in some of its most emblematic dishes.

Learn the basics of Mexican cuisine from the corn nixtamalization process, a basic process in Mexican cuisine of origin, through the preparation of sauces, stews, curtidos and other techniques that reflect the culinary heritage of this region in the world.

In total we prepare more than 25 recipes.

Afterwards, customers can sit down to taste the dishes and drinks made by themselves.


10:00 - 11:00 Market Visit
We meet at San Juan Market near downtown which is one of the most ancient markets in the city and in which we will be avle to descover the biggest array of ingredients in the city.

11:30 - 14:30 Cooking Experience

Once back in Calli Kitchen we will prepare over 30 recepies, including nixtamal in all its shapes, salsas, stews, adobos, moles acording to season and available produce and ingredients.

Through this phase of the experience “botanas” are the first to be ready helping up to relax apettite before the hole tasting meal.

Non alcoholic beverages are offered at all times. Agua fresca, softdrinks, coffee and fresh infusions.

Alcoholic beverges offered incluides mexican premium destilates such as tequila, mezcal, artisanal mexican beer, etc

So while the cooking process is going on, everyone can be enjoying a delicious drink and relax.

14:30 - 16:00 Time to Eat
Once we are done with cooking we all come to the table and chefs will serve all courses in a gastronic aproach to what has been learned.

Once finished trying all dishes, is the best time to try some other mezcals or tequilas and chat for a while about the expericence in CALLI.

PM Schedule is the same but meeting at Calli 17:00 ending the experience at 21:00.



Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: beer, agua fresca, soft drink, coffee, fresh infusions, tequila and mezcal

Sample Menu:

  • Milpa salad

Nopal, Tomato, Enchiladas Seeds, Fried Pasilla , Blackberry, Tender Watercress

  • Bean Soup

Tender beans. Oloroso Avocado, Nuts, Good Grass and Guajillo Chile

  • Tlacoyo of Nixtamalized Bean

Pumpkin Flore, Epazote and Cooked Apple Sauce

  • Pumpkin Blossom sopes

Corn, Chinese Bean and Raw Green Sauce

  • Puglakle of Acuyo

(Tamal and Local Herbs)

  • Fish Zarandeado

Chochoyotes and Sofrito de Chipote Rayado

Purple Onion, Habanero and Yucatecan Oregano Tanning

Macadamia and Pirul Sorbet Cookie

*Starting from 50 usd we can offer an aditional mexican wine tasting

*Our menu is subject to change all the time

* Does not include:

Tips, Apron and Recipe book

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When making the reservation, indicate if you have any allergies or food restrictions

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